Site Research & Selection

Next to budget, the most important aspect of any meeting is “location, location, location!”  With over 50,000 hotel properties in the United States alone, our professionals can save you time by narrowing the options based on your specific requirements.  Our supplier network consists of over 650,000 venues to ensure we find the perfect location for your next meeting, event or conference. We will research, evaluate, compose, and deliver a comprehensive report of all viable venues for your program – all at no cost to you.  

Because we represent YOU, we always work with your best interest in mind.

Utilizing Morrissey & Associates’ time-tested criteria, we will:

Identify Your Needs

Whether you know all the details for your upcoming program or are just getting started in the planning stages, Morrissey & Associates Event and Travel Management is here to best assist you in the process.  After we have a basic understanding of your program requirements, we will start the search process for you so you can focus on other priorities.

Source Locations and Determine the Best Facilities for Your Parameters

With knowledge and experience of thousands of cities in 40 different countries worldwide, Morrissey & Associates offers industry relationships, extensive product knowledge, and buying power. We represent all properties for your consideration, no matter what brand of product.

Provide Detailed Reports Outlining Each Property

After researching locations and properties, Morrissey & Associates  will provide a comprehensive presentation for your review. We incorporate all pertinent information to your specific program, including hard and soft dollar costs, allowing you to make the best selection for your event. We present all viable options however, the decision making process is completely in your hands.

Assist with Site Inspections

Once a location is selected or a “short list” has been made, Morrissey & Associates can assist you in planning a site visit to those locations.  Visit our Site Inspection Assistance page to learn more.