Contract Negotiations & Risk Mitigation

There are a multitude of negotiable terms in a hotel contract that can potentially cost you and your organization money.  Through years of experience, Morrissey & Associates Event and Travel Management has immeasurable insight into the meetings industry.  We understand the contracting process and use this knowledge to negotiate the best possible terms on behalf of our clients.  

When it comes time to negotiate a contract, Morrissey & Associates will:

  • Negotiate the very best pricing on any and all aspects of the meeting (room rates, food and beverage, audio-visual, etc.)
  • Ensure the negotiations are relevant to your organization and specific meeting at hand
  • And most importantly, oversee that the contract clauses and contract process are in your best interests

We will consider not only the “hard dollar” costs but also overlooked areas that carry additional costs or hidden risks.  We know what to look for and understand the importance of these details.