The Hospitality Response to COVID-19

There is no hiding that the coronavirus has turned lives upside down. Just like it is no secret that it is taking a toll on our economy. One of the major sources for economic stimulation comes from our hospitality industry. With much of the travel world having to close doors and come to a standstill, it leaves some wondering what are they doing. How does this affect those of us that wanted to travel? Take a look at this presentation by following the link here:

So how are these hotels responding to the community? With so many hotels having to close their doors and let go of staff, what are they doing to give back? To still provide a level of service to those who are in need.

Hilton is donating up to one million hotel room nights to frontline medical staff through the end of May. Other hotel properties are transforming their properties into a sort of quarantine ward.

Officials in New York are planning to transform multitudes of hotels into hospital-like facilities. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers commanding general stated he wants to use New York as the standard-setter.

In the state of Arizona, hotels are faced with the debacle of empty rooms due to COVID-19. Causing an upsurge of response to partake in national efforts to offer their vacant space to health care works alike that are on the frontlines of this virus.

The initiative, Hospitality for Hope, was designed with this in mind by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). This is just one of many ways that hotels can give back and help those in need during this time of crisis. AHLA is working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to streamline the process of converting hotels into makeshift h