Waiting to See What Happens May Not Be In Your Best Interest

Waiting to rebook your meetings may lead you to fewer options moving forward.

Our industry, local and global economy and public health are all still an unknown at this time.

So we wonder, should we wait to make decisions about travel for our meetings and events or should we try to push the dates out as far as we can in 2020 or potentially into 2021?

The longer we wait to make this decision may affect the viability of finding dates, rates space in the location of choice.  Many of our meetings have already moved into dates later this year as well as into 2021.

When we looked at the meetings industry as a whole, 2021 was looking very good. The industry’s projections were for a strong year. Availability of prime properties and dates pretty much have been booked and availability was slim. We have been sharing with our clients that we need to look at shifting our agreements and dates sooner than later to not be left in the dark so to speak.

This is the time to utilize Travel Partner Professionals like our organization and others.  Now more than ever we need to review, re-negotiate agreements, utilize our relationships and buying power for our clients during these unprecedented times.


Stay safe and healthy