Planning a Trip to Hawaii?

4 Tips to Know Before Visiting Hawaii’s island of Kauai

Are you planning a trip to the island of Kauai and anticipate visiting the islands North Shore? Take these things into consideration before you visit.

Having experienced record flooding making their main highway fragile and the surrounding environment at risk because of its fragility, it means Haena State Park had to make some modifications. Having once allowed up to 3,000 visitors, the flooding caused officials to change that number to 900. This also indicates the need for future preparation and planning. Before arriving, make a reservation to visit the park. Doing this will ensure you are able to enjoy the beauties and splendors the park has to offer.

Make use of the North Shore Shuttle. The shuttle allows for easy transfer to the state park and visitors can even enjoy time at Kee Beach or do some hiking on the Kalalau Trail. Make reservations for the shuttle ahead of time.

Stop in the town of Hanalei. The town suffered when the road closed. It definitely takes on a mom-and-pops feel but you won’t be disappointed. Many of the businesses here are eager to be of service.

And lastly, take the Aloha Pledge. The residents of this island take pride in their home island and want all who visit to be respectful of where they call home. The island has been through a lot and taking the pledge is a way of saying you’re going to do things to preserve the island like using reef-safe sunscreen or picking up trash.