Conducting the Perfect Site Inspection

The 10 steps for conducting the perfect site inspection

Before any successful meeting, there is a successful site inspection. These are the steps to follow.

1. Submit an RFP

Submitting this request for proposal is not just a chance to gather information on rates and dates. It is a chance to showcase what the group wants and it’s objective for their meeting.

2. Talk Openly

Establish those time frames, the agenda, and join minds to find what works. If there are things being said that just won’t work, get rid of it and find something that does work.

3. Walk in Attendees’ Shoes

When conducting a site inspection, do it from the point of view of who is attending.

4. Stay Organized with Apps

There are apps that capture and label pictures and videos that you may take of the venue. There are also apps that can measure the size of meeting rooms and apps that grade the venue’s technology offerings.

5. Take Good Notes

Take the time to record your thoughts after each stop during a site inspection

6. Ask Lots of Questions

Don’t make assumptions about things. Ask those questions and ask them explicitly.

7. Create a Shopping List

Creating a shopping list allows you to keep track of your priorities at the property when conducting site inspections. This can consist of everything you are looking for that client has requested – like number of sleeping rooms, the venue, meeting rooms.

8. Communicate Clearly

After your visit to the property be sure to go over in detail your notes with your counterparts. These can be your dreams and visions in regards to the program taking place at this potential property.

9. Protect Yourself

If this is the property that is desired, move forward with an agreement. But first, make sure you review things like the cancellation policy to protect yourself and not be held liable for anything.

10. Celebrate

Once everything is said and done regarding the site inspection, keep moving forward with planning the best event!