Don’t Leave Loose Ends After Your Meeting

Don’t End Your Meeting Without Doing 3 Things

Before ending a meeting you don’t want to call it to a finish and leave loose ends. Much like a sports team after finishing a game, they take the time to go over what happened during the game. Business meetings can do the same thing.


Doing a recap of important decisions and what happens next. It allows a quick overview of what was accomplished, who is accountable for what, when and how things will be implemented and communicated as being finished. The idea is to make sure everyone in attendance leaves on the same note with the same understanding.


Highlighting the important points of the meeting. By doing so this allows those in attendance to pass along the pertinent information to someone that may not have been able to be present. By highlighting these points and expanding on what should be said in summary, this will give that cohesion of the group. No one person knows more or less than the other. It is also important to establish what should not be shared, whether that be confidential information or details that are not ready to be disseminated to others.


After finishing a meeting, ask for feedback on the meeting while it is still fresh in their minds. This is a learning opportunity. It allows for a chance to learn what was enjoyable or liked about the meeting and what should be changed. The key is to avoid questions that could lead to a debate or to only receive positive and negative responses. And review from the attendees what they got out of the meeting.


Implementing these things post-meeting can help improve team function for the long haul.