Top Midsized Cities for Meetings and Events

Top Midsized Cities for Meetings and Events

Finding a meeting location on a small budget can be challenging. Fortunately, picking a location off the beaten path can be cost effective while still offering guests the same level of experience and amenities.

For groups looking to save money on lodging, dining and entertainment, these midsize cities can be a great alternative to large, often utilized cities. These affordable destinations offer easy access as well as multiple events and activities once the meeting ends for the day.


Edison, NJ

Allentown, PA

Providence, RI

Lowell, MA

Worcester, MA


Elgin, IL

Naperville, IL

Warren, MI

Toledo, OH

Kansas City, KS

Mountain West

Peoria, AZ

Arvada, CO

Chandler, AZ

Reno, NV

Centennial, CO

Pacific West

West Covina, CA

Huntington Beach, CA

Downey, CA

Irvine, CA

Burbank, CA

South Atlantic

Savannah, GA

Sandy Springs, GA

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Greensboro, NC

Hialeah, FL

South Central

Irving, TX

Pasadena, TX

Richardson, TX

Mesquite, TX

Baton Rouge, LA


Cities have been ranked based on 20 indicators within the following categories: affordability; climate; commute; business-atmosphere; events; accommodation and dining; and safety.


Source: RewardExpert

 Top Midsized Cities for Meetings and Events - Morrissey & Associates, LLC

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