Top 10 U.S. Cities for Business Travel

Best Cities for Business Travel

Finding a great location for your meeting can be challenging. Travel risk management company, On Call International, evaluated cities across the U.S. which are best for hosting seamless and productive business travel experiences. Cities were evaluated based on five factors including the cost of lodging, the reliability of mobile network coverage, the number of on-time flights, emergency-room performance, and traffic congestion levels.


Top 10 Cities for Business Travel



1. Detroit, Michigan

Meeting space:           2.7 million sq. ft.

Guest rooms:              36,000




2. Phoenix, Arizona

Meeting space:           312,000 sq. ft. indoor; 210,000 sq. ft. outdoor

Guest rooms:              63,000





3. Cleveland, Ohio

Meeting Space:           1 million sq. ft.

Guest Rooms:             22,000




4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meeting Space:           475,000 sq. ft.

Guest Rooms:             39,000




5. Denver, Colorado

Meeting Space:           584,000 sq. ft.

Guest Rooms:             45,000




6. Dallas, Texas

Meeting Space:           1 million sq. ft.

Guest Rooms:             80,000




7. Sacramento, California

Meeting Space:           384,000 sq. ft.

Guest Rooms:             16,000




8. Tampa, Florida

Meeting Space:           600,000 sq. ft.

Guest Rooms:             20,000




9. Orlando, Florida

Meeting Space:           5 million sq. ft.

Guest Rooms:             119,000




10. Houston, Texas

Meeting Space:           4.2 million sq. ft.

Guest Rooms:             30,577


Source: On Call International


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